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Hi! We're so happy you stopped by. Love and Lotus Naturals is a mother/daughter owned skin and body care business that started years ago in a kitchen with a desire to create a not so average, luxurious brand of body care products that worked to support the skin barr.  With a business and esthetician degree we researched the softest butters, took classes on carrier oils and what they deliver.  We learned FD&C regulations and how to preserve our products to keep you safe without using harmful chemicals.  We started, we failed (it was a gloopy mess), we started again, got discouraged, we got inspired, we failed, we did some tweaks, we failed again.  The point here is that we never stopped and never gave up. A failed attempt was an opportunity to learn and grow.  And we did.  We eventually made the BEST Hand & Body Cream and it was perfect!

We started at local craft shows, found our target market events and started selling hand cream.  A-LOT of hand cream.  We built a website and started shipping all around the world. We dropped off cards and samples to local boutiques and yoga studios and waited for someone to call us back.  We snuck into luxury homes during open houses and took amazing photos of our products in fancy bathrooms.  We manifested.  We got called back.  We stocked local shelves.  We did it! And our resellers like yourself helped us get there.

We'd love the opportunity to work with you and provide you and your customer's our luxurious Hand & Body Cream.  We have an extensive fragrance catalogue and offer private label as well.  Please fill out our inquiry form down below and we will respond back with a personal discount code generated just for you.

Our goal is to always offer only the absolute finest quality product and to provide you with excellent customer service at all times.  Being a small business wholesaler we pride ourselves on our relationships with our stockists.  Should you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us below.


Wholesale will give you the option to purchase our products with our complete branding which includes our labels and packaging. Our Hand & Body Cream come in 8 oz glass jars. Wholesale pricing is 45% off of our retail pricing.



Private labeling gives you the option to purchase our formulated products to resell for your business.  With this option, you will have complete brand control of your labeling. our only requirement for this option is you MUST include "manufactured by Love & Lotus Naturals" on your labels. Our 8 oz glass jars have a 70/400 lid size and thread.  A standard 2x4 or 1.5x7.5 label look great on these.  It is your responsibility to make sure you are following all FDA good practice techniques and label laws. We also sell our Hand & Body Cream by the gallon for bar back salon and small businesses. Private Labeling is 50% off our retail pricing.



At Love & Lotus Naturals we encourage our stockists to carry a full range of our scents in our Hand & Body Cream so instead of imposing a minimum quantity, we only require a minimum spend amount.  This makes a wide variety of fragrance options available to you at wholesale prices.  Our minimum order amount is $250.



Your products are hand made and fragranced when your order is placed so your products arrive fresh and ready to sell.  Our processing times are 14-21 days.  Please take this into consideration prior to placing your order. If you would like your order sooner, there will be a $40 rush charge.  For orders over 100 pieces, please email to check availability and ship dates.



Stockist is responsible for any and all shipping charges.  We know shipping can get costly and only charge as close to actual shipping as possible. We will invoice you separately once your order is ready to ship. Your products will come securely packaged with USPS priority.  Tracking will be provided. We may use UPS for large orders. 



Due to our products being discounted at a great rate, discount codes and free shipping are not allowed during checkout on wholesale/private label orders.  Payment is due at the time of order.  We do not offer COD (cash on delivery). Once payment is received we will start on your order.  Once your order is ready we will invoice you for shipping.  Once paid, your order will ship within 24 hours.



Due to the hand made natural aspect of our products, we do not accept product/shipment returns.  Your order leaves our facilities, fresh, clearly labeled with all FDA requirements and heat sealed for safety.l. If your order comes damaged, please email us within 48 hours so we can make a replacement decision. We strive to give the best description on how a product smells through detailed scent notes and descriptions. Realizing you don't like the scent as much as you thought you would does not mean the product is damaged.



We strongly encourage you to add a sample jar to your order for each scent you choose.  It is proven that customers are 100% more willing to buy a fragranced product if they can physically smell it and feel the consistency on their own skin.  Having a small sample jar with something as simple as small wooden popsicle sticks is a great way to get customers to try the product.  


Please introduce yourself and your business and how we can be of service.  We will then send a welcome email with your personal discount code to access wholesale pricing.

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